Why T-shirts are the Potatoes of Wardrobes

Why T-shirts are the Potatoes of Wardrobes

The versatile potato, known for its adaptability is the world’s most favorite food. Potatoes are eaten in a variety of ways from boiled or baked, to steam to roasted, microwaved or fried. And, when it comes to the fashion industry same goes for t-shirts.

T-shirts can be clubbed with a wide range of outfits, a go-to choice for many occasions, and sometimes act as a sidekick. So, let’s roll out the varieties of outfits on which you can wear a t-shirt.


T-shirt with Shorts 

Crew neck t-shirts with shorts, the perfect combo to create a casual laid-back and relaxed look. Save this for summers and monsoons. You can also wear this when at the bar or while meeting an old friend of yours. If your work allows, when in doubt, put this one.- taking care of your last minute hassle.


T-shirt with Short Skirt

A cute look for a sunny day, is this what this outfit is going to give you. A light colored printed t-shirt on a black colored short skirt is a gorgeous combo for work and date. Doesn’t require too much maintenance and simple yet elegant way to style your statement.


T-shirt and Denims

The t-shirt-denim combo is universal and never to go out of fashion. It’s for one of those days when you don’t know what to wear, this get-up is your best friend. No matter what the occasion is, you can simply put this up and you’re good to go.


T-shirt and Chinos

Quite Similar to the t-shirt-denim combo is a t-shirt-chino combo. The get-up of a dark pair of chinos with a white t-shirt is universal suits everybody. You can wear it to work on a casual Friday, or put it on for your Saturday morning errands, or while catching up with your friends.


T-shirt Inside a Blazer

Struggling to find a perfect shirt for the blazer, or confused to what wear inside your jacket, go t-shirts. A light colored solid t-shirt essentially a white one with dark colored blazer is an impeccable combination. This outfit is perfect for parties, dates, and close weddings.  


Having discovered the adaptability and versatility of t-shirts, it’s quite surprising that they are undervalued and at times aren’t given that much attention. They open a world full of possibilities for you to experiment with your style statement. So, next time when you wear a t-shirt do think about its versatility and add a few more to your wardrobe to increase your outfit choices while going out.  

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