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9 Easy-Peasy Tips to Increase the Life of T-shirts

T-shirts are a wardrobe staple! They’re quite versatile, which make them a go-to wear. The following are the easy tips to increase the durability of t-shirts. 


1. Buy Quality T-shirts

How often have we seen that, just after a couple of washes, the t-shirts fade and lose their texture? Saving a few bucks initially is only going to cost you more in future. Go for fabrics that will last for years. It’s recommended to buy t-shirts with fabrics of 180 GSM, combed, and are already enzyme-treated (bio-washed). This will ensure there will be no color loss, or crumples, or fibers coming out even after more than tens of washes. 


2. Wash Inside Out

This applies to the t-shirts that have got prints. The print gets damaged if it comes in contact with detergent. If this happens time and again, the life of prints is shortened.


3. Wash Cold with Mild Detergent

Washing your clothes in cold water, using a mild detergent can certainly make clothes last longer. Try to hand wash garments.


4. Reduce the Amount of Detergent

A large amount of detergent can make your clothes dull and stiff. Use half the prescribed amount of detergent instead. This will make your clothes just as clean as regular quantities of detergent. 


5. Wash Less 

If possible, try to wear t-shirts a couple of times before you put them to wash. Of course, unless they’re dirty and stinky. Now, don’t get us wrong here. If you’re not wearing it for the whole day, you can wear them again next week and put it to wash. The fewer times you wash, the more durable will be. 


6. Don't Put Clips While Drying

This is one of the common mistakes we make. While drying clothes, we hang them using clips. Doing so will leave clip marks on the t-shirt once they dry out. Instead, use wooden hangers. 


7. Use Wooden Hangers

Most plastic and wire hangers will stretch out the shoulders of your garments and leave you with saggy clothing. Despite being a little more expensive, wooden hangers will last longer and take better care of your garments.


8. Ditch Ironing

If you can ditch ironing, nothing like it. You can give your t-shirt a good shake before you hang it out to dry and also just before you wear it. It should take care of most of the creasing. 


9. Do Not Iron on Print

If you decide to iron your t-shirts, make sure you leave the printed areas untouched. Ironing the printed area might peel off the print or, in many cases, the ink may smear through the fabric which will leave your t-shirts in an unwearable condition.

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